Welcome Message


Deep Earth Energy Research Group in Monash University (3GDeep) is pleased to invite you to the International conference on Geomechanics, Geoenergy and Georesources (IC3G 2016), which will be held from 27-29 September 2016, in Monash University, Melbourne, one of the most popular and beautiful cities in the world. The overriding theme of the congress is “Challenge the limit with knowledge; Advancement in mechanical and physical processes in subsurface earth materials to enhance the deep earth energy and mineral extractions and greenhouse mitigation”.

To date, the deep Earth remains relatively poorly understood and entirely under-utilised. There is however a growing understanding of the important role the deep Earth will play in future sustainability, particularly in opportunities relating to new and sustainable large-scale energy alternatives and resources extraction through mining and greenhouse mitigation. It is therefore highly necessary to initiate broader and effective discussions on the topic to encourage researchers on this particular research area in the aim of enhancing future opportunities.

This conference has therefore been aimed to promote such discussion to address challenges in developing geo-energy and geo-resources extraction and greenhouse mitigation measures through deep earth from geomechanics and geophysics prospects. Such discussions should cover a broader research area related to deep earth including, unconventional oil and gas extraction, CO2 sequestration, mining, geothermal energy, civil geotechnical engineering, analytical and numerical methods and laboratory and in-situ testing.

IC3G 2016 is the very first scientific conference organising by 3GDeep (http://www.3gdeep.com/) with the support of Monash University, Australia, and Shandong University China.
On behalf of IC3G 2016 organizers, we would like to welcome Geomechanics, Geoenergy and Georesources researchers and engineers to join us in Melbourne, to have effective and broader discussions on deep earth utilization measures with the aim of enhancing future opportunities.


Prof Ranjith Pathegama and Prof Jian Zhao
Chairs, IC3G 2016 Organizing Committee