Technical Tours


Technical Tour - 1

China Jinping Undergroud Laboratory (CJPL)



  Enjoy the chance to visit deepest underground laboratory in Sichuan, China.

USD 500

(Including meals, accommodation and transportation)

 * Only limited number

CJPL made use of an underground tunnel built for a local hydropower station and it is the world's deepest underground laboratory, with a vertical rock covering up to 2400 m. The main laboratory has a length of 40 m, a width of 6.5 m and a height of 7.5 m. Though the marble through which the tunnels are dug is considered "hard rock”, it has the advantage for radiation shielding of being low in radionuclides. This is not only the main battleground for detecting dark matter, but more deep science experimental projects are going to make it a mecca  for physicists in the world.

Technical Tour - 2

Dujiangyan Irrigation System



  Enjoy the ancient irrigation system in Dujiangyan City, Sichuan, China.

USD 150

(Including meals and transportation)

 * Only limited number

Dujiagnyan is not only the great miracle of hydraulic engineering technology in China, but also the bright pearl of the world water conservancy project. It is the greatest of all, but it has been built for more than 2260 years, and it has become more an more profitable, Dujiangyan is created, based on the benefit of human as the prerequisite, making full use of the natural and turning the water disasters of Minjiang river to water conservancy. The mountain, the water and people highly harmonious and unified, it is the world's so far only dam diversion, gravity irrigation "ancient ecological water conservancy project"

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