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Sichuan University in Chengdu, People’s Republic of China, is pleased to offer researchers everywhere an invitation to attend next year’s International Conference on Geomechanics, Geoenergy, and Georesources (IC3G-2018).
IC3G is now an established international conference series, providing a specialized forum for broad scientific discussions and technological knowledge-sharing focused on effective development of deep earth resources.
We at Sichuan University are delighted to be hosting IC3G-2018, the second of the IC3G series, in Chengdu: a busy and progressive city, but one that proudly protects its famous giant pandas and has preserved its name and rich cultural heritage for three millennia.

Our conference theme:
Challenge the limits, with new thinking and knowledge

Break beyond existing patterns of discovery, to advance research on geomechanical and geophysical process in deep earth resources and energy development, enhancing deep earth energy and mineral extraction and mitigating harmful atmospheric emissions.
A wealth of science and engineering topics:
toward effective and responsible exploitation of deep earth resources

•  Deep rock mechanics and mining theory
•  Fluidized mining of deep underground mineral resources
•  Developing deep underground space for underground city construction
•  Deep underground laboratories and ecological living capsules
•  CO2 sequestration
•  Soil carbonations
•  Extraction of unconventional oil and tight gas
•  Coal seam and shale gas extraction
•  Gas hydration exploitation
•  Geothermal energy
•  Civil geotechnical engineering
•  Analytical and numerical methods
•  Laboratory and insitu testing
•  Petroleum Geomechanics
•  Wellbore stability, sand production, new well cements for deep wells
•  Low-Resistivity and Low-Contrast (LRLC) reservoirs

Further details

IC3G-2018 will be hosted by Sichuan University (www.scu.edu.cn/en) with solid support in China from Southwest Petroleum University, Southwest Jiaotong University, and Chengdu University of Technology, and in Australia from Monash University.
On behalf of the organizing committee, we welcome all participants from the global research community. Our hope is that together we can spread and share knowledge, joining our scientific experience and skill to advance common aspirations for a world that faces enormous challenges in energy use and environmental integrity.
Conference participants will have a unique opportunity to visit the China Jinping Underground Laboratory (CJPL). Around 500 km south-east of Chengdu, CJPL is the world’s deepest underground laboratory for multi-disciplinary research, including deep earth geomechanics, geoenergy, and georesources. It is home to the China Dark Matter Experiment and the Particle and Astrophysical Xenon Detector for dark matter. CJPL’s existing caverns are 2.4 km below the surface, and penetration to 5.0 km is planned for the next stages of disruptive research and development in geomechanics science and technology.
We thank everyone who commits to participating in the conference, and all who are working hard to ensure its success: authors, keynote speakers, session chairs, organizing and technical committee members, reviewers, sponsors, exhibitors, and others who contribute willingly and energetically.
We extend our warmest welcome from Sichuan University and the beautiful city of Chengdu, and will do our best to give every participant a memorable few days at IC3G-2018.

Conference Chair

• Professor Heping Xie (Sichuan University)

Conference Co-Chairs

• Professor Ranjith Pathegama Gamage (Monash University)

• Professor Jian Zhao (Monash University)



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