Prof. Yangsheng Zhao

Cheung Kong Scholar Professor, 
The winner of the National Science Found for Distinguished Young Scholars of China.


Yangsheng Zhao is a professor in the department of Mining Engineering at Taiyuan University of Technology and the director of Key Laboratory of in situ Property-improving Mining of Ministry of Education in China. Also, he is a Member of international Society pore media, Board Member of international Society for Rock Mechanics, Executive Board Member of Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering (CSRME), President of the Shanxi Province of Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, Editorial Board Member of the Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering.
His main research activities are (i) THMC coupled behaviour of rock masses and porous rock materials; (ii) Development of unconventional geo-resources and geo-energy such as Hot Dry Rock geothermal energy and rock salt deposit; (iii) Rock mechanics and testing technique at high temperature and high pressure. Prof. Zhao has authored/co-authored over 300 peer-reviewed journal contributions and wrote five books about the theory and practice of geo-energy and geo-resource development. Additionally, he won two National Awards for Technological Invention (2nd class), 5 provincial and ministerial prizes (1st class) and got 38 authorised national invention patents.